TIC Investor Complaints: Mission Residential/ Middleburg Management

The securities and investment fraud law firm, Fitapelli Kurta, is interested in speaking to investors who have complaints regarding Mission Residential TIC or DST investments.  Mission Residential is now called Middleburg Management. 

Mission Residential offered the following TIC (Tenant-In-Common) or DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) investments through broker-dealer firm, Sigma Financial Corporation:

Mission Residential Holdings, LLC

Mission University Place

Mission Spring Creek

Mission Mallard Creek

Mission Collin Creek

Mission Sandy Springs, DST

Mission Heritage Park, DST

Mission Greensboro, DST

Mission Preston Wood

Mission N.E. Dallas, LLC

Mission Galleria, LLC

Mission Bellevue Ridge, LLC

Mission Nashville, LLC

Mission Battleground Park, DST

Mission Stadler Place, DST

Mission Brentwood, DST

Mission Mill Creek, DST

Mission Eagle Point, DST

Mission Mayfield Downs, DST

Mission Millbrook, DST

Mission Antioch, DST

Mission Capital Crossing, DST

Mission Durham, DST

Mission Courtyard Villa, DST

Mission Meadowbrook, DST

Mission GlennEagles, DST

Mission Reilly Ridge, DST

Mission Barton Creek, DST

Mission Tanglewood, DST

Mission Charlotte, DST

Mission Briley Parkway

Many of these investments have since gone into foreclosure, and Fitapelli Kurta has filed numerous cases on behalf of investors who have lost money as a result of these now defunct investments.

Mission Residential was founded by Chris Finlay in 2004 and many investors were convinced by Sigma Financial to invest in Mission Residential in an effort to defer capital gains taxes by way of a 1031 exchange.

Mission Residential changed its name to Middleburg Management in the recent past, however it is still run by Chris Finlay. Mission Residential, now Middleburg Management, has properties in Texas, Utah, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

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