Investor Complaints: TICs offered by Sigma Financial Corp.

The securities and investment fraud law firm, Fitapelli Kurta, is interested in speaking to investors who have complaints regarding various TIC investments offered by Sigma Financial Corp.

Sigma Financial Corp. is an independent broker-dealer firm, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sigma Financial Corp. is classified as a corporation and was incorporated under the laws of Michigan in 1983. Sigma Financial Corp is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Fitapelli Kurta has recently filed numerous cases against Sigma Financial for alleged unsuitable TIC and DST investment recommendations to customers.

To date, Sigma Financial Corp. offers the following TIC (Tenant-in-Common) investments to customers:

Covington Realty Partners, LLC

Covington Dellview Marketplace, LP

Covington Lansing Towne Centre

Covington Meridian Acquisition, LLC

Covington Montelago Acquisition, LLC

Covington Arbors Acquisition, LLC

Covington Hunter’s Ridge Acquisition, LLC

Covington Main Street Commons Acquisition, LLC

Covington Lakeland Acquisition, LLC

Covington Dardenne, LLC

Covington First Colony Commons, LLC

Covington Gateway Acquisition, LLC

Mission Residential Holdings, LLC

            Mission University Place

            Mission Spring Creek

            Mission Mallard Creek

            Mission Collin Creek

            Mission Sandy Springs, DST

            Mission Heritage Park, DST

            Mission Greensboro, DST

            Mission Preston Wood

Mission N.E. Dallas, LLC

Mission Galleria, LLC

Mission Bellevue Ridge, LLC

Mission Nashville, LLC

Mission Battleground Park, DST

Mission Stadler Place, DST

Mission Brentwood, DST

Mission Mill Creek, DST

Mission Eagle Point, DST

Mission Mayfield Downs, DST

Mission Millbrook, DST

Mission Antioch, DST

Mission Capital Crossing, DST

Mission Durham, DST

Mission Courtyard Villa, DST

Mission Meadowbrook, DST

Mission Glenneagles, DST

Mission Reilly Ridge, DST

Mission Barton Creek, DST

Mission Tanglewood, DST

Mission Charlotte, DST

Mission Briley Parkway

Griffin Capital, Inc.

            Griffin Capital (1200 Ashwood), LLC

            Griffin Capital (The Atrium), LLC

            Griffin Capital (Hookston Square) Investors, LLC

Griffin Capital (Shellmound) Investors, LLC

Griffin Capital (Puente Hills) Investors, LLC

Griffin Capital (Naperville) Investors, LLC

Griffin Capital (Arg Restaurant) Investors, LLC

Griffin Capital (Redwood) Investors, LLC

Griffin Capital (Westwood) Investors, LLC

Griffin Capital (Independence) Investors, LLC

Griffin Capital (Palomar) Investors, LLC

Griffin Capital (Bolingbrook) Investors, LLC

Griffin Capital St. Paul Investors

Griffin Capital Carlsbad Pointe

Griffin Capital 2005-2 Building Acquisition

Griffin Capital World Kitchen Investors

Griffin Capital Sacramento Acquisition

Principal Equity Management

            PEM Nov I DST

PEM Green Valley Tech

PEM Thistle Landing S, LLC

PEM Cool Springs H, LLC

PEM One Summit S, LLC

PEM 121 Airport S, LP

PEM Creek S, LLC


PEM Westgates S, LLC

PEM Towers S, LLC


Austin Heights Shop Center

Butterfield Plaza Shop

Evergreen Development/ Evergreen Realty Group

            EP Acquisitions, LLC

            Centennial Park Acquisitions, LLC

            Redmond Commerce Center Acquisitions, LLC

            University Commerce Center Acquisitions, LLC

            McCormick Place Apartments Acquisitions, LLC

            University Heights College Stations Acquisitions, LP

Fountains Club Lubbok Acquisitions, LP

San Antonio Self Storage 3 Acquisitions, LP

College Park Acquisitions, LLC

If you have or have lost money investing with Sigma Financial Corp. or any of the above mentioned TIC investments, you may be entitled to recover your losses. Contact the securities and investment fraud attorneys at Fitapelli Kurta now for your free consultation. Al cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. Time is of the essence, so do not delay.

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